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Atlanta, GA, roofing systems protect our homes and businesses from severe rain and winter storms, UV exposure, falling trees, and more. Unfortunately, this protection also means your commercial roof can experience damage over time.

Regular roof maintenance is essential to protecting your business, your employees, and your customers or clients. Of course, as business owners ourselves, our team at Roofs by Don understands how demanding running a company can be.

Our commercial roofers can ensure your roof is in the best shape possible. You can count on us whether you need minor commercial roofing repairs or a full roof replacement.


Problems Our Atlanta Commercial Roofing Contractors Can Resolve

When you hire a commercial roofing contractor through Roofs By Don, you can be confident that you’ll receive top-notch roofing services. Our expert team handles everything from minor fixes to large-scale roof repairs.

A poor commercial roof installation or aging can create open seams. Our roofing contractors can apply heat welding or patching membrane adhesive to resolve this issue.

Your gutters and drains redirect rainwater away from your building. However, debris can clog roof drains, resulting in ponding water. Sometimes unclogging your drains is enough to resolve this issue. Other times, our team may need to administer a new roof repair.

Poorly installing a roofing system can also trigger blisters. Blisters are the result of air getting trapped in shingles' membranes. After cutting the blistered membrane, our team will patch the area using a modified cap sheet.

As commercial roofs begin aging, bridging walls can start appearing. Our team can cut the bridging wall's base and install a fresh reinforced perimeter strip (RPS).

Many issues can result in your commercial property roof having punctures, such as:

  • Falling trees or tree branches
  • HVAC contractors improperly installing new equipment
  • Excessive debris
  • Severe rain or winter storms

Our team can properly repair your commercial roof following punctures.

While sometimes overlooked, the caulking on your roof protects your materials from UV exposure. However, worn-down roofing materials can quickly cause you to need expensive repairs.

Our New Commercial Roof Replacement Services

At Roofs By Don, we do our best to help our residential and commercial clients save money. Our roofing company will never pressure you into roof replacements you don’t need. However, sometimes replacements make sense, such as in the following situations:

Different roofing materials have different lifespans. However, commercial roofing systems typically see more wear and tear than residential roofs, with an average lifespan of 15 to 25 years.

It's common for roofing projects to need repairs now and then. However, it might be time to consider a replacement if you continuously need massive maintenance every year.

Many materials exist in the roofing industry, but our experienced contractors recommend materials like TPO, PVC, and EPDM for a commercial roof.

An energy-inefficient existing roof can quickly become a substantial financial burden. Sometimes replacing your roof is the only way to cut down on cooling and heating costs.

Whether to bring new customers in or prepare your business to sell in the future, a fresh roof can work wonders.

Explore Our Regular Maintenance Service

Our commercial roofing services include regular maintenance. We recommend a roofing contractor inspect your commercial roof at least twice a year. This inspection allows us to identify minor issues and repair them before they become major financial hurdles.

When you need to install or replace your roof, several factors can influence its final price tag, including:

  • The new roof's overall size (square footage)
  • Your building's height
  • The project's overall scope—for example, add-on features like skylights can affect the price
  • Your property's location
  • The type of material you want our contractors to use

Naturally, the bigger the roof, the more expensive it'll be. For example, using a single-ply roofing membrane, like TPO, in Atlanta generally costs around $6 to $10 per square foot.

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Running a business takes a lot of time and effort, and trying to stay on top of everything becomes a logistical nightmare. Using our services means we can take care of your roof while you handle other pressing business matters.

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