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Sometimes homeowners can overlook the benefits their gutter systems offer. Your existing gutters’ primary responsibility is redirecting rainwater away from your roof and home. This process prevents water damage that could otherwise lead to leaks, mold growth, and more.

Clogged or overflowing gutters can result in you needing to install or replace your existing system. At Roofs By Don, our Atlanta gutter experts are here to help you every step of the way. We proudly serve Atlanta homes and businesses.


Our Thorough Rain Gutter Installation Process

You want to use our expert service when installing gutters for your roofing system. We only design and install Atlanta’s best gutters that’ll protect your home’s foundation, roof, and siding while making your house look great.

Two significant aspects influence your gutter system’s overall quality: the gutter material and the installation process. Our expert crew understands installing your new gutters is a precise science involving the following considerations:

Installing a downspout in the wrong location — or having no downspouts at all — can cause standing water or heavy overflows during rainstorms. We'll ensure we install your downspouts in the right areas with the correct number of downspouts.

We only use screws (not nails) for your gutter project. We also place robust support systems under your gutters and securely position them into your rafter tail.

We'll also recommend gutter covers and guards. These add-on features can help prevent rainwater or excessive debris from clogging your gutters.

DIY projects or using an unlicensed contractor often result in installing your gutters at the wrong slope or pitch level. Incorrect pitches or slopes prevent water from properly flowing through to your downspouts.

Accumulating standing water can quickly rust your gutters and make them a haven for pests. Furthermore, an improper slope or pitch can cause your gutters to start pulling away from your home due to excessive weight.

Failure to properly align your gutters can result in leaking seams. You can minimize this potential issue by installing seamless gutters. However, seamless gutters must be aligned correctly and fastened at the corners to prevent leaks.

Our crew uses commercial-grade sealants to ensure tightly fitted corners and end caps.

Your flashing is the material located between your roof line and the back of your gutters. No or minimal flashing creates bare wood exposure that can damage your roof's shingles. We'll install your gutters behind your flashing to avoid wood damage.

Our crew uses commercial-grade sealants to ensure tightly fitted corners and end caps.

Materials You Can Use to Install Gutters in Atlanta, GA

Whether you need gutters replaced or gutter installation for a new home, you can use different materials, such as:

Galvanized gutters carry a coated layer of zinc, adding additional weather resistance and protection. These gutters can even handle hefty damage from hail. Many homeowners choose this gutter installation because you can easily paint over galvanized steel.

Installing new copper gutters can significantly increase your home's curb appeal. Copper will develop a patina green tint. Besides looking great, this patina can protect your gutters from erosion and rust.

Many experts consider copper the most durable gutter substance on the market.

Galvalume gutters consist of a zinc and aluminum mixture coating. This mixture increases its durability, making them highly resistant to fading and rust.

While most consider galvalume duller than galvanized steel, this material is also more cost-effective.

Signs You Need a Gutter Repair or Replacement

When possible, our Roofs By Don team will have your gutters repaired and fully functional instead of completely replacing them to fix an issue. However, some problems are too severe and require gutter replacement. Regardless, the following signs indicate it’s time to call for professional service:

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