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Celebrating Furry Winners: TRI-BUILT Top Dog 2023 

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A Salute to the Canine Champions of the Workplace!

Beacon Building Products’ TRI-BUILT® Top Dog 2023 Contest has crowned its grand prize winners, and the results are nothing short of heartwarming!

This year, twelve remarkable dogs have been honored, each with their own unique and adorable story.

From loyal office buddies to spirited field companions, these canine winners have not only captured hearts but also demonstrated the invaluable role they play in the lives of their human colleagues.

More Than Just Pets

These top dogs aren’t just pets; they’re integral members of their work environments.

They range from customer greeters to team motivators, showcasing an incredible array of personalities and talents.

Their stories are a testament to the special bond between humans and their four-legged friends, particularly in the workplace.

Meet the Winners!

To meet these charismatic winners and learn more about their roles and stories, be sure to visit the TRI-BUILT® Top Dog 2023 Contest Winners page.

Each winner’s tale is unique, filled with charm and warmth, making them true champions in their own right.

The 2024 TRI-BUILT® Top Dog Calendar

As part of their victory, these furry stars will be featured in the 2024 TRI-BUILT® Top Dog Calendar.

It’s not just a calendar; it’s a celebration of the joy and companionship these dogs bring to the workplace every day.

Blue Sanchez: April’s Proud Winner!

April’s star in the 2024 TRI-BUILT® Top Dog Calendar is Blue, Roofs By Don’s cherished champion and mascot.

This diligent project manager is always spotted alongside the team, infusing energy into every project. Blue’s not just about work though; she loves her leisure time with dad, Victor Sanchez, our sales manager.

From office antics to job site jaunts, Blue embodies the spirit and dedication of Roofs By Don, making every day a little brighter and a lot more wag-worthy!

Final Thoughts

This contest highlights the incredible bond between dogs and humans, especially in the professional environment.

It’s a reminder of the joy, comfort, and laughter our furry friends bring into our lives, making every workday a little brighter.

Congratulations to all the winners of the TRI-BUILT® Top Dog 2023 Contest! Your stories inspire and remind us of the invaluable presence of our canine companions in our lives.

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