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Debunking the Tall Tales of PVC Roofing

Thought you knew everything about roofing? Well, it’s time to climb up onto that roof again with Roofs By Don, while we shatter some long-standing roofing myths. This Norcross-based company is serving both commercial and residential clients, with a specific focus on PVC roofing. When it comes to roofs, misinformation can cost you in the long run. Hence, it requires knowing the difference between fact and fiction.

Does a PVC Roof Turn Brittle Over Time?

The first myth that has homeowners and business owners alike worried is the belief that PVC roofing becomes brittle and prone to cracking after some years. This certainly sets a scarily delicate image of your roof, doesn’t it? Rest assured though, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. PVC roofing is remarkably durable and retains its flexibility even over extended periods. Trust us; your roof isn’t about to start behaving like a poorly made cookie.

The Weighty Issue: Is PVC Roofing Too Heavy?

‘Isn’t PVC roofing overly heavy for most building structures?’ This is another prevalent roofing myth. In reality, PVC is a remarkably lightweight material that poses no structural hazard to your property. You can stop stressing about your roof doing a spectacular diving act right into your living room.

The Irony of Metal Roofs

We’d feel remiss if we didn’t touch on some spurious metal roof myths as well. One is that these roofs will be noisier, especially when it rains or when there’s hail. But in reality, a properly installed metal roof will be as quiet as a cat on a velvet rug, even during a hailstorm.

The Longevity of PVC Roofs

Then there is the myth that PVC roofs don’t have a long lifespan. Seems like someone has been spreading fibs about these sturdy roofs. The average lifespan of a PVC roof is around 20 years. However, proper installation and maintenance can potentially extend this even further. There’s real staying power in PVC, folks!

The Eco-Friendly Aspect

Another wide-spread myth is that PVC roofing is not environmentally friendly. However, today, many companies are producing PVC using environmentally-friendly procedures. Moreover, the superior insulation provided by PVC roofing can significantly reduce heating and cooling energy consumption.

Pricing Paradox

Is the pricing of PVC roofing keeping you awake at night, thanks to the daunting numbers that rumors have thrown at you? Here’s something to soothe your worried mind: PVC roofing is not unnecessarily more expensive than other roofing types. While prices may vary depending on specific factors, it usually turns out to be a cost-effective choice, taking into account its durability and longevity.

The Last Shingle Standing

We hoped to shed some light on the clouded myths surrounding the world of roofing. Armed with facts, you can now climb down off that roof, safe in the knowledge that your choices, especially PVC and metal roofing, are sound, cost-effective, and beam-supportingly weight-friendly.

Remember, at Roofs By Don, our professionals have seen, heard, and debunked it all. We’ll keep the myths at bay while providing you with roofing solutions you can trust. Simple and hole-free, as every roof should be.

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