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Environmental Considerations for Shingle Disposal

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Welcome to the Green Side

Don’t you just love it when nothing is wasted? I mean, who relishes the thought of their old roof shingles heading straight to the landfill without a second chance? Not us at Roofs By Don, that’s for sure! That’s where shingle recycling comes in – our Wonder Woman-strength answer to waste. Recycling is not just for glass, metal, or paper; even roofing material can join the recycling extravaganza.

Not Another Dump Site

Ever been to a landfill? Well, here’s a peek: heaps and heaps of waste, as far as your eyes can see, and guess what? With every passing year, these dumpsites are swelling with increased debris. Asphalt shingles, for instance, are major contributors to municipal solid waste in Canada. A study estimated that around 1.25 million tonnes of asphalt shingles are sent to the landfill annually. At Roofs By Don, we realized that we could recycle these shingles near me and you in our Marietta locality, and decided we simply had to give it a try.

Enter, Shingle Recycling

The concept is as simple as repurposing your grandma’s floral tea set. We carefully take off the old shingles from your roof without dispatching them to their doom in landfills. Instead, they journey to our recycling facility – the adventures these shingles embark upon! There, they’ll be given new life and transform into various useful materials such as hot-mix asphalt and cold patch for pothole repairs.

A Win for Everyone

By choosing to recycle roof shingles, we’re reducing landfill space, minimizing the use of virgin resources, and making valuable contributions to local economies. It’s almost as if we’ve won the environmental lottery! For every ton of shingles recycled, we save around a barrel of oil. Doesn’t that feel like a superhero-esque move?

The Appeal of Shingle Recycling

At this point, you’re probably imagining yourself in a green superhero cape, right? Believe it or not, asphalt shingle recycling is a terrific move for both house owners and commercial facilities. Whether you are topping up an existing building or planning a new one, we’re your go-to ‘recycle shingles near me’ service in Marietta.

Residential Use

Have you ever experienced the pain that is replacing your residential roof shingles? All the clutter and waste? No thanks. Firstly, let’s reduce the overall cost. Yep, you heard right! Homeowners can enjoy reduced disposal fees and potentially lower project costs by opting for shingle recycling. Plus, who wouldn’t want to live under a roof that’s both cost-effective and environmentally-friendly?

Commercial Use

Now, let’s talk businesses and commercial entities. Defy the business-as-usual approach and add an eco-chic touch to your commercial property. Opting for shingle recycling not only green-washes your establishment but also attracts sustainable-conscious customers. Let your customers know that your business is more than profit-driven; it cares about our planet.

Time to Take Action

So, this is your call to action, Marrieta folks. Other areas might be slacking on their shingle recycling, but not us. Let’s lower our environmental impact and give our old shingles a new lease of life. Shingle recycling is no longer an alternative; It’s the forward-thinking, responsibility-taking, asphalt-shingle-saving way to go. We at Roofs By Don are leading the way. Are you with us?

Your Green Journey Starts Here

As Roofs By Don, we’re ever committed to making environmental conservation our priority. Our shingle recycling services in Marrieta are all about making the world a better place, one roof at a time. On this green journey, we’ll be your ever-reliable asphalt shingle recycling partner – providing a greener, more prosperous Marietta for ourselves and future generations.

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