Green Roofs – Benefits and Installation Guide

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Unveiling the Mystery of Green Roofs

A leap into the world of green roofs is truly a fascinating adventure. If you’re looking for a comprehensive green roof DIY guide, then you’re in the perfect company. With the expert guidance from Roofs By Don, an Atlanta-based company renowned for delivering premium commercial and residential roofing solutions, you’ll be equipped with all the nuts and bolts you need to create your green oasis.

What are Green Roofs?

Give your imagination a rollercoaster ride! Picture a mini garden, adorned with grass, shrubs, and sometimes, trees right on top of your roof. That’s exactly what a green roof offers! It’s not rocket science. It’s more of an exquisite blend between architecture and ecology.

Why you should plunge into the green roof pool

If we used all the pages in the world to pen down the benefits of green roofs, we may just run out of ink. Nevertheless, here’s just a taste of the benefits you can expect from our green roof design guide.


A green roof can turn the tables on Atlanta’s scorching summer heat! The vegetation absorbs sunlight, and hence, less heat filters into your home. What’s this in simple English? You get to kick your feet up and enjoy lower energy bills!

A Balm to the Environment

Greening your roof can get Mother Nature on your side. It’s a breathtaking haven for wildlife, and helps cut down on that pesky urban heat island effect. It acts like a sponge, soaking up rainwater and slowing down runoff.

Beauty with Brains

Did we mention that a green roof can dramatically enhance the aesthetic value of your property? Well, whether it elicits gasps of awe or spells of speechlessness, one thing is for certain, your property’s curb appeal will shoot through the roof!

Steps to Build Your Own Green Roof

Let’s get down to business: crafting your green roof DIY guide. It’s like baking a cake, just follow our recipe step by step and voila, you’re an eco-genius!

Initial Assessment

The first step in our green roof guide involves assessing your existing roof. Can it support the added weight of a green roof? You also need to be sure there won’t be any water seepage issues or other damaging factors.

Picking the Right Plants

You’d probably take time selecting a suit for a special occasion, right? The same applies when selecting plants for your green roof. You need plants that are sun-lovers, easily adaptable, with shallow roots and looking good all year round.

Waterproofing and Installation

You’re almost there! Now, install a waterproof membrane to make your roof watertight. Add root barrier, drainage layer and growing medium. Do a funky plant arrangement and voila, you’re now the proud owner of a green roof!

Seizing the Reins

Our green roof design guide wouldn’t be complete without pointing you to the professionals who can help you accomplish this marvelous project. Everything you need, from advice to materials and installation services (if DIY is not your jam) is readily available from Roofs By Don.

As an Atlanta-based roofing company, we’re committed to providing top-notch commercial and residential roofing solutions. So, let’s get cracking on your green roof dreams!

Wrapping up Our Green Canopy Tour

Embarking on a DIY green roof project is like setting off on an interstellar mission. It’s nothing less than an ecological wonder! So whether you’re an DIY enthusiast or a committed environmentalist, our green roof guide will have you potting and planting to your heart’s content.

In essence, implementing a green roof may just be the most rewarding gift you give to your building and the environment at large! And remember, when in doubt, Roofs By Don has got you covered!

So there you go! Your green roof DIY guide in a nutshell. Enjoy the ride and may the green roof force be with you!

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