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Roof By Don’s at ‘IKO Loves You Back’ Event

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We recently had the incredible opportunity to participate in IKO‘s “IKO Loves You Back” event in Tampa, FL.

This event, part of the Profit Power series, was a complimentary offering for roofers and IKO RoofPros, showcasing IKO’s deep appreciation for its professional community.

A Testament to IKO’s Support

The event underscored IKO’s commitment to giving back to its network of professionals.

As a participant, Roof By Don experienced firsthand the supportive environment that IKO cultivates, with resources and tools aimed at empowering roofers.

A Special Perk for IKO RoofPros

One of the event’s highlights for us was the offer of complimentary social media services from Goats4sales, exclusively for IKO RoofPro representatives.

This gesture added significant value to our experience, underlining the benefits of being part of the IKO family.

Gratitude and Future Collaborations

At Roof By Don, we extend our thanks to IKO for organizing such a meaningful event. We look forward to more opportunities to engage with and benefit from the supportive network that IKO has established.

The “IKO Loves You Back” event is a prime example of how companies can effectively support their professional communities.

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