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Roofing is a Form of Art

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be on a television show? Well, get ready because when you work with Roofs By Don, you are the star of your own home improvement show! Our top-notch roofing services are sure to make your home shine like a star. It may even help you win that coveted Home of the Week award. With Roofs By Don, you never know what is in store after we have helped install or repair your home’s roof.

Inspect, Repair, and Replace. Every Shingle Day.

Our experts in roofing are dedicated to giving our clients the best experience when your roof is in need of repair. We offer free roof inspections that are guaranteed to save you thousands of dollars. These roof inspections are so thorough that you may not even need a roof replacement, and it could be as simple as a small repair. Our team is trained to identify certain issues, such as leaks, missing or damaged shingles, and other warning signs of wear and tear on your roof. By catching these small issues first, it can help you avoid more costly repairs in the future. 

Our inspection process is fast and simple. We will sit down with you and discuss any concerns you may have about your roof and also the history of your home. Then our team will check outside for any sort of hazard that may get in the way of us completing our inspection safely. After we have determined that the site is indeed safe, we will conduct a visual inspection on the outside of the roof for any signs of wear and tear or damage.

We then proceed inside the home to check the ceiling condition for signs of water damage that may have been caused because of issues with your roofing. This will conclude our inspection, and then we will sit down with you and discuss our findings and talk about where you would like to go from there and also offer estimates on how to fix anything that may be of concern.

Not only do we offer free inspections, but we also offer a maintenance program to our customers to bring them a little peace of mind. This maintenance program includes regular inspections, cleanings, and any necessary repairs that may come to light to keep your roof in perfect condition! This is a great benefit because it will help save money and can extend the life of your roof exponentially.

Experience The Benefits of A Long-Lasting Roof By Contacting Roofs By Don

Here at Roofs By Don, our clients are the star of the show! We are just along for the ride and will help you every step of the way. There is no question that is too big or small for our team of highly trained roofing professionals. Our free inspections and maintenance programs are two of the reasons why we are Marietta, Georgia’s leading choice in roofing companies. If you’re in need of a repair or total replacement, give us a call at (844) 902-ROOF to speak with one of our experts today. Roofs By Don guarantees that you will be satisfied with your roof today, tomorrow, and “every shingle day.”

About Roofs By Don

Roofs By Don isn’t just another local Atlanta roofing company. Experience what it’s like to be a star on our own home improvement show. From our personalized customer experience to our quality work, you can’t go wrong with Roofs By Don.

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