Shingle All the Way to Energy Savings: A Light-Hearted Leap into the World of Commercial Roofing Energy Efficiency!

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Say Goodbye to High Energy Costs with Commercial Roofing Energy Savings

Imagine you could reduce your commercial building’s air conditioning energy use by up to 15% annually. Sounds promising, right? And all this while enjoying work under a roof that keeps the indoors cool, even under the harshest, sweltering sun. That’s exactly what energy efficient roofing offers, affording you significant commercial roofing energy savings.

A Cool Tale of Commercial Roofing Energy Efficiency

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a cool roof has the ability to maintain a temperature up to 50°F cooler than your regular, old-fashioned roof under intense sunlight. Not only does this keep your working environment blissfully cool, but it means a massive cut in energy expenditure linked to air conditioning.

Dive Into the Pool of Reflective Roofing

The tale takes an even chillier twist when we dive into the cool waters of the National Roofing Contractors Association’s studies. With a reflective roof, they suggest that your commercial building can experience a dip in annual air conditioning energy use by 15%. That’s much more than just a drop in the ocean when it comes to saving on your overall energy costs!

Entering the Green New World of Energy Efficient Roofing

Roofs By Don offers a selection of sustainable roofing solutions that go beyond the typical. With energy-saving roof materials like solar reflective roofing and insulated roofing panels, your roof will shimmer and shine in terms of both energy efficiency and aesthetics.

The Sustainability Ladder

As reassuring as a sturdy ladder against a freshly shingled roof, we have commercial roof insulation, which takes a massive leap into the eco-friendly realm. We offer insulation methods guaranteed to save energy, reduce waste, and align with your commitment to sustainability.

Reflecting on Solar

Our solar reflective roofing options let your building bounce back as much of the sultry sun’s rays as possible, keeping the inside of your building cooler than a cucumber in a snowstorm.

Stepping Up to the Roof Plate

With green roofing options like energy reduction roofing and commercial roof retrofitting, you’re not only making a smart business decision, but you’re doing your bit to contribute to energy conservation in roofing.

Join the Roof-volution with High-performance Roofing

Being a tech-savvy business, you already appreciate how energy-saving roofing technology can boost your green credentials. Imagine combining that with high-performance roofing that reduces overhead costs, improves building performance, and adheres to sustainability principles.


When you journey with Roofs By Don, you’re ascending more than just a commercial roof. You’re stepping up to a brighter future of commercial roofing energy savings, eco-friendly practices, and high-performance sustainability. A world where you can have your shingle and keep it cool too!


What are the best energy efficient roofing materials?

Insulated roofing panels, cool roofing solutions, and solar reflective materials top the list of best energy-efficient materials. They offer superior energy savings while also adhering to green practices.

What is the role of energy optimized roofing?

Energy optimized roofing plays a significant part in reducing overhead costs, providing a cooler indoor environment, and improving the overall energy efficiency of a commercial building.

Handy Energy-Saving Roofing Tips

1. Choose reflective roof coatings to bounce back the sun’s rays.

2. Insulated roofing panels can greatly reduce heat loss.

3. Always consider a commercial roof retrofit before a replacement, it has a lower carbon footprint.

4. Select materials like solar reflective roofing for added energy savings.

5. High-performance roofing not only saves energy but also improves the overall performance and longevity of your roof.

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