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Roofs By Don is one of the best roofing companies providing commercial roofing in Norcross, Georgia. We offer various commercial roofing services, including roof replacements, TPO repair, EPDM roof replacement, inspection, and more.

Whether you need a new roof or minor repairs, our roofing company will work with you to find a solution that fits your budget and needs.

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Common Roofing Issues We Encounter in Norcross, GA

If you own property in Norcross, GA, you know that maintaining your roof is an important part of the job. However, it can be hard to tell whether your roof needs repair or maintenance.

Here are some of the most common issues with roofing in Norcross, GA, that we encounter with local building owners:

When it comes to TPO and EPDM roofs in Norcross, GA, we see three main issues: improper drainage systems, incorrect installation of flashing and gutters, and insufficient application of sealant over joints between sheets. All three of these issues can cause problems with your roof's durability.

Mold or mildew is a common problem for businesses in Norcross, Georgia. It can be due to many factors, such as a leaky roof or improper ventilation.

One of the most common things we encounter with roof repairs is missing shingles. It's not just homeowners who have this problem; we've also seen it on commercial roofs. When you have missing shingles, your roof is vulnerable to leaks and water damage.

It's not unusual for the flashing or gutter systems on your commercial roof to become damaged. This can happen when the flashing is improperly installed or exposed to a lot of sunlight and rain over time.

Norcross Roofing Contractors Offering New Roof Installation & Roof Replacement Services

Our roofing team is ready to help with all your roof installation needs. We offer a wide range of installation and roof replacements for commercial roofing in Norcross, Georgia, including:

Our roofing contractor team is well-versed in the different types of roofing materials, including PVC. If you're considering installing or replacing your current roof with one made out of PVC material, our experts can help you decide whether this option will be right for your property's roofing needs.

TPO is a single-ply roof with a thermoplastic polyolefin membrane, which means it consists of two different kinds of plastics: one that melts at high temperatures and one that doesn't. This allows it to withstand the heat from the sun but also be cold enough to prevent condensation.

EPDM roofs are one of the most popular choices for commercial roofing in Norcross. EPDM, or ethylene propylene diene monomer, is a synthetic rubber that provides excellent resistance to weather and UV light, making it a perfect choice for the harsh conditions of many commercial buildings.

Commercial Roof Repair and Maintenance Services

At Roofs by Don, we take pride in supporting our commercial customers with roofing repair and maintenance. Whether you need to repair a leaky roof or are looking for a roof installation, we have the experience and expertise to help you find a solution that fits your needs.

Call us if you’re experiencing any of the following problems:

Have you had a storm recently? Are you just looking for an annual commercial roof inspection? We offer storm damage repair and annual commercial roof inspections in Norcross, GA. We work with all types of systems and can handle any size job.  

Don’t wait for a storm to take your building to task. Schedule an inspection with our team of experts today!

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