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The roof is integral to any Norcross, GA home because it provides many benefits and features. Besides boosting your home’s curb appeal, your roof protects your house during harsh storms. Unfortunately, your roof often takes a beating during rain and winter storms, which can cause water damage.

Fortunately, our Roofs By Don team can help with roof repairs or replacements. Despite its durability, shingled roofing can face damage after several years of wear and tear. Our expert roofing company can inspect your roof and recommend the right services.


The Roofing Services Our Team Provides

Our experienced and skilled roofing contractors offer many services for all of your roofing needs, including the following:

A typical shingle residential roof lasts between 15 to 30 years. However, besides old age, many people call our roofing company to replace their roofs for several reasons. These include:

An expired warranty: If your roof is past its warranty, you can face significant expenses should something happen. Even minor issues like cracked or broken shingles can result in an expensive roof repair without a warranty.

Constant repairs: A roofing repair here and there is to be expected, especially following major storm seasons. However, it's probably time for a roof replacement if you constantly battle leaks and broken shingles.

Severe roofing damage: Shingled roofs can withstand powerful storms without too many issues. However, a problem like a tree falling on your roof can cause irreversible damage. Often roof replacements are cheaper than a massive roof repair in these situations.

It's more cost-effective than repairs: Our team will always explain your options, including the most cost-effective ones. Sometimes replacing your roof will be cheaper in the long run than frequent repairs.

The initial roof installation had issues: Problems like using ineffective materials can lead to an improperly installed roof. Our team will resolve this issue when we can, but sometimes you may need a replacement.

Aesthetic upgrades: Sometimes, homeowners want to upgrade their home's visual appeal and resale value. A roof replacement can significantly boost curb appeal and your home's value.

Our expert team serving Norcross can quickly handle problems like cracked or missing shingles, leaks, and more. You should schedule roofing services as soon as you notice issues like broken shingles.

Unfortunately, many homeowners wrongfully assume that a few missing shingles or a minor leak aren't severe issues. However, these problems can quickly escalate and turn into something worse. For example, a minor leak can invite mold and mildew or progress into a massive leak.

Our roof repair starts with a free inspection, where we'll survey your roof. Upon doing so, we'll recommend the right residential roofing services.

Sometimes you only need a quick roof repair, while other times, we recommend an entire roof replacement.

How Our Roofing Contractors Replace Shingles

Our Norcross residential roofers often recommend using shingles for new roofs due to their cost-effectiveness and durability.

However, sometimes our Norcross roofers may need to replace cracked or missing shingles. Our roofing company follows an exact process for doing so, involving these steps:

We start by breaking the seal on the shingle we need to replace. Then, we complete this process by lifting the shingle, removing its nails, and separating the sealant.

After breaking the sealant bond, our roofing company breaks the sealant on the overlaying shingle, exposing the target shingle's nails.

Using a pry bar, we lift the shingle upwards to remove all four nails. We typically raise the shingle and nails at the same time to prevent damage to the shingle's granular.

Generally, two rows of nails hold down shingles to give your roofing system better wind resistance. As such, you'll need to perform the initial steps to the two rows of nails above your target shingle.

Our roofing company can replace your shingle with all the sealant bonds broken and the nails removed. Then, we'll slide the new shingle into place and nail it down.

Lastly, our services include manually sealing your new shingle and any surrounding ones that had their seals broken. This process increases your roof's wind resistance.

storm damage

Common Roofing Issues Norcross, GA, Homeowners Face

Regular inspections from our roofing company can help you avoid needing significant repairs. In addition, our insight can help you detect problems early and resolve them before they worsen.

Even with regular inspections, your roof can still face issues. Identifying the most common problems homeowners face can help you know when it’s time to call our expert roofing company.


Some leaks are more apparent than others. Even if you can't visibly see a leak on your new roof, you might notice drops of water falling through, damp walls, or damaged insulation. Mold growth can also follow a leak, and it's a good idea to have your roof inspected after a major storm.

Damaged Shingles

You should never ignore issues with your shingles, no matter how minor. That's why we provide a comprehensive roofing project inspection that can quickly detect these issues.

Damaged Framework

Damaged frameworks can lead you to need a new roof project. Neglecting leaks over time often triggers wood rotting and significant structural damage.

Leaky chimneys/flashing

Besides frequent storms, worn-out caulking around these areas often causes leaks. Regularly caulking these areas can prevent these vulnerabilities.

Venting Problems

A damaged roof can create venting issues, affecting your home's internal temperatures. Besides raising your monthly energy bill, venting issues can also reduce your indoor air quality, creating adverse health risks.

Collapsed Sections

Spotting collapsed sections isn't tricky, and they're generally visible to the naked eye. However, dealing with collapsed sections requires help from our experts at Roofs By Don.

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